About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of this company is to be a pinnacle in our industry, and to be a good business partner with ethical standards that set a standard of a better way to do business. It is our goal and intent to create a company that is liquid, and changes with the needs of our customers and the market. We will do this with our greatest asset – the talented and creative people that we employ.



We believe in the success of the entire team, not just the individual. Everyone contributes, cooperates and collaborates to achieve our goals because we are all in this together. Performance, not position, and personal accountability are paramount to our success. We don’t believe in politics, backbiting or bad mouthing. Instead we value leadership, responsibility, loyalty and synergy.



We are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide quick responsiveness, a “can do” attitude, continuous follow-up, review of results and improvement. By “saying what we do and doing what we say”, we set realistic expectations helping to ensure complete customer satisfaction.



Communication is crucial to our success. We like to “put our cards on the table face up”, both internally and externally. We focus on providing thoughtful, effective, honest, result-oriented and ongoing communications between and within all parts of TelStar Associates Inc. We like to keep our feedback constructive and positive, but frank. To avoid confusion, we are careful to put everything in writing because “if it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen”. We encourage our employees to speak up– there is no such thing as a bad idea.



We continually present at least two tactical, yet creative solutions to challenges through our innovative use of new and existing technologies, re-engineering of business processes and workflows, and strategic and tactical assistance to our customers.



We improve services and reduce costs through the consolidation and leveraging of resources. Our results are a product of our positive, collaborative working relationships, performance-oriented operation and compensation. W e “check, recheck and recheck” to make sure we are on-time and within budget. Plus, we strive to be proactive, not reactive, and never confuse effort with results.