HazCentre Specs and Features – EHS Software

HazCentre™ Operating Environment

  • WEB base
  • Microsoft Windows 97, Windows 10
  • Client/server application
  • SQL data access

Ease of Use

  • Menu format
  • Standard function keys

Simplified Data Entry HazCentre™ features that save data entry time:

  • IMPORT function eliminates data entry duplication by permitting data transfer from other systems.
  • Allows importation of MSDS libraries.

Unlimited Database

  • Database structure allows tracking and recording of unlimited number of items.

Site and Centralized Reporting

  • Information is input at site level.
  • Reports can be generated either at site level or compiled at a central facility.
  • Centralized reporting improves data flow and eliminates communication problems between multiple facilities.
  • Centralized reporting allows results to be accumulated and viewed collectively.

Inventory Tracking

  • Chemicals, or other inventory items, in individually labeled containers are tracked as they are moved throughout your facility.
  • You can impose thresholds on items in your inventory. As items approach or exceed limits, HazCentre™ lists these items so that you can make informed decisions on disposal or reordering.

Regulatory Compliance Facilitates compliance with regulations governing management of hazardous substances:

  • EHS (Environment Health and Safety) Software
  • OSHA
  • Hazard Communication Standard
  • Employee Right-to-Know