Company History

TelStar began in September 1979

Jose Telleria’s primary day job was working in Dallas Texas for ITEL Corp and secondary job was working for Jim Thorsen @ Thorsen & Associates. 

Jim was a mentor of sorts, explaining the in’s and out’s of contract work and the need for quality work. 

Jose was a quick learner and decided to try his hand at forming a company. Jose moved his family to Boise, ID where TelStar Associates Inc was born. 

Jose talked his first partner Douglas Stark into beginning the business together working off of each other strengths. Jose called Robert Vassar, a mentor from his Boise State University days and discussed the idea. A few days later, Robert Vassar called Jose and pointed TelStar to Murakami Produce in Ontario Oregon, TelStar’s first contract job designing and deploying an application tracking the storage and shipping of Onions.

TelStar’s name came from Telleria (TEL) and Stark (STAR).

Within a short time TelStar was doing business with the Idaho Department of Employment, The Idaho Governors Office, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare, the Idaho Attorney General’s Office, Boise Cascade, Boise State University, Ore Ida Inc, and many other commercial and governmental offices.

TelStar’s core business is Staffing Augmentation, specializing in Information Technologies needs.

TelStar saw a need for a Chemical Management and Waste Disposal Management Application use to track Hazardous Material from Cradle to Grave (Material/Compliance -> Waste Disposal). TelStar developed such a systems currently used by a few commercial companies and the U.S. Navy. The current system is available as a Client Server application or WEB based.

TelStar’s reputation grew to be known as a can do company with results.

Through the years as business needs changed TelStar adapted to the change from Custom Contract Programming, Network Support, Field Services, Cyber Security and again back to Contract Programming and now Staffing, both in Information Technologies and general business temporary staffing needs.